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Updated on Feburary 22, 2024

This document outlines our policy on the use of cookies by our organization. It’s important for you to understand the kind of cookies we deploy, the data gathered through those cookies, and how that data is utilized.

Typically, cookies don’t store information that directly identifies an individual. However, the personal details we hold about you could be associated with the data obtained from cookies. For more comprehensive insights on our data usage, storage, and protection strategies, please consult our Privacy Policy.

We ensure not to store delicate personal details like postal addresses, passwords, etc., within the cookies we employ.

Clarification and Glossary


Terms starting with capital letters in this document are defined as follows.

These definitions are valid irrespective of their number (singular or plural).


For this Cookie Policy:

  • Company refers to NeoMam Studios LTD, based at 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR.
  • You are the person browsing or using the Website, whether as an individual, on behalf of a company, or other legal entities.
  • Cookies encapsulate small data files placed on your desktop or handheld device by a website, storing your site navigation history among various functions.
  • Website is Iniciar Sesion, located online at

Cookie Usage

Types of Cookies We Utilize

Cookies can be categorized as either “Persistent” or “Session” types. Persistent cookies stay on your device post-offline, whereas Session cookies vanish the moment you terminate your web browser.

The objectives behind our usage of both session and persistent cookies include:

  • Essential Cookies
  • Type: Session Cookies
  • Managed by: Us
  • Purpose: These are vital for providing services accessible through the Website and its functionalities. They support user authentication and safeguard against fraudulent account activities. We deploy these cookies solely to deliver the requested services.
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Type: Persistent Cookies
  • Managed by: Us
  • Objective: They record your preferences like login info or language choice to enhance your website experience, eliminating the need for repeated preference settings during each visit.
  • Analytics and Performance Cookies
  • Type: Persistent Cookies
  • Managed by: External Parties
  • Purpose: Employed to monitor Website traffic and user interaction, these cookies might indirectly recognize you through a pseudonym linked to your device. They’re also useful for evaluating new ads, web pages, features, or functionalities by monitoring user engagement.
  • Advertising and Targeting Cookies
  • Type: Persistent Cookies
  • Managed by: External Entities
  • Aim: By analyzing your web habits, these cookies facilitate personalized advertising suited to your interests. They categorize you with users of similar browsing behaviors, allowing third-party advertisers to, with our consent, place cookies for targeted advertising on other sites.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Should you decide to opt-out of using cookies while browsing our site, the initial step involves deactivating cookie usage within your internet browser settings. Subsequently, erase any cookies that have previously been stored in your browser linked to our site. This method allows you to block cookies whenever you choose.

Choosing not to allow cookies from our site might lead to a less seamless experience while navigating through it, and it’s possible that certain functionalities might not operate as intended.

Should you wish to remove existing cookies or direct your browser to either refuse or delete cookies, kindly refer to the instruction manual or help section of your browser.

For users of the Chrome browser, guidance can be found here via Google:

For those utilizing Internet Explorer, Microsoft provides instructions here:

Mozilla offers assistance for Firefox users here:

For Safari users, Apple has provided information here:

If you are using a different browser, please refer to the respective official documentation provided by the browser for support.

Further Details on Cookies

To gain a deeper understanding of cookies and how they function, you can read more in the “All About Cookies” article.

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